What do I get from signing up for All Around Audiobooks?

If you are registered with us as a narrator/studio, you can select categories for which you would like to be notified of new entries.  So you won’t miss a job and can easily offer your free time and avoid idling. It has never been easier to get more workload.

All Around Audiobooks is also a very good opportunity for you as a speaker or studio operator to offer your free last-minute appointments cheaply without generally breaking the prices. A classic win-win situation.

What does it all cost?

All Around Audiobooks charges a commission of 12% plus 3% for the payment processing. You should take this amount into account in your offers. There is no subscription fee or the like.

What are the obligations?

Nobody will force you to make offers. If you don’t want to be active right now or if you are already 100% booked, you simply cannot do anything. If there is a short-term cancellation, you can conveniently offer these “last minute” times via the platform and maximize your earnings.

Is there a membership plan?

Actually there’s only a free basic membership plan and this will stay free of charge. Maybe in future there will be others (premium and not free of charge) with more features.

Aren‘t there any open projects?

You have to login or register to see any project/audition.