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When I started intensively with the idea of building an audiobook production studio with connected digital distribution a few months ago, I quickly realized that though, there is also a large market outside of the USA, Canada & UK, it is very difficult to make contacts and find e.g. the “right” narrator. There is simply no suitable online marketplace where you can find all the important components bundled. Yes, of course, there are various freelancer websites, but these didn’t look like that you could really find professional audio service providers there. Rather, it all gave me the impression that everyone could just try it out for a little money.
This led me to the idea of building this missing link between service providers (narrators, audio engineers, graphic artists, …) and authors/publishers by myself. With All Around Audiobooks, I would like to support you in precisely these areas. The big advantage is that there are no software companies or business students with the right idea behind the platform, but a real audio professional who knows what his users are talking about and what they expect. That’s why there is always an open ear for your problems and wishes and I will gradually develop this platform further to make it what it should be: A Swiss knife for audio books, radio plays and podcasts.

Audiobook Narrator

Development in the audiobook market

According to Good e-Reader Research, the global audiobook market is the fastest growing division in digital publishing and there is still plenty of space for growing.

Regarding to a survey made by the Audio Publishers Association, sales in the audiobook sector in 2018 were almost $1 billion in the U.S. alone, with steady growth of 25% (+/-) per year. This success is largely owed to the widespread use of smartphones and car entertainment systems, the breakthrough of streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer & Co and the associated digital distribution. It is therefore hardly surprising that their share of sales in the United States is over 90%.

For comparison: In Germany, sales in the audiobook market in 2019 were around € 85 million (source:

Outlook to Europe:
According to The Guardian, the UK audiobook market grew 43% in 2018 compared to the previous year, while sales of physical books decreased 5.4%. This trend continued in 2019 and is also confirmed by other European countries.

All in all, no author can afford to ignore these numbers and not serve the audiobook market. All Around Audiobooks has set itself the task of making it easier for authors who have not yet had an audiobook produced by simply making important contacts through the platform and creating an audiobook made to measure. We would like this offer to be well received and the audiobook market to continue to grow.

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